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Silke Mansholt


works as a writer, visual and performing artist and film-maker.

She is currently creating a series of videos for her Youtube channel Lovesick United, exploring questions about human existence and truth.

Since 1997 Silke Mansholt has created visual live art performances that incorporate elements of sculpture, theatre, video, dance and writing.

She also conitues her visual / drawing practice that she began thirty years ago.

Since 2010 Silke Mansholt collaborates with choreographer, composer, writer Billy Cowie, creating the visual designs for his choreographies and installations.


Mansholt has created a series of major live art installation performances, including commissions from Chelsea Theatre, London, Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool and La Comedie de Caen, Normandie and has presented this work extensively including performances in France (Avignon Festival 2010 – invitation to the main festival), Slovenia, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Scotland (National Review of Live Art Glasgow 2002, 05, 07 and 2010) Wales and England.

Her film A German Grandchild’s Funeral (2007), like many projects funded by the Arts Council England, has been screened throughout Europe and as part of South East Dance - Dance For Camera Shorts 2008 in Derby and several British cities - shown in front of several thousand viewers within Big Dance in partnership with the BBC.

Between 2008 and 2011 Mansholt toured extensively throughout France as solo performer for La Comedie de Caen.


Performances - Films - Exhibitions - Commissions


Billy Cowie, 2010 - 2019, drawings for his installations: www.billycowie.com

Galeria Lunar, April 2013 drawings, films and performance

NRLA Glasgow, 2010 performance of WOLFSTUNDE

a solo performance created with the support of La Comédie de Caen

La Comedie de Caen, 2010 performance of WOLFSTUNDE

Avignon Fesitival 2010, performance of WOLFSTUNDE

Avignon Fesitival 2010, solo performance in "Comment ai-je pu tenir la dedans?"

from director Jean Lambert - wild, La Comédie de Caen


Residencies in October 2007 and April 2008 at:

La Chartreuse - Le Circa-Centre National des Écritures du Spectacles at Villeneuve lez Avignon

supported by Centre Dramatique National de Normandie - La Comédie de Caen,

director Jean Lambert-wild and the British Council, France.

Performance at La Chartreuse in April 2008.


Nieuwe Grond, Utrecht September 2007

National Review of Live Art 2007, Tramway, Glasgow

Sacred, Chelsea Theatre, London, September 2006 and January 2007

Experimentica 2006, Chapter, Cardiff

Trouble 2, Brussels, 2006

Junge Hunde Festival 2005, Copenhagen and Aarhus

City of Women Festival 2005, Ljubljana and Maribor

Centre for Performance Research, Die Gehängte, Aberystwyth, Wales 2005
National Review of Live Art 2005, Glasgow, Die Gehängte and Fußwaschung
Brighton Fringe arts production Die Gehängte, 2005

Liverpool Biennial 2004 Die Gehängte
The Place, London screening of the incomplete autobiography, 2004
Brighton Festival 2004 screening of the incomplete autobiography

Diorama Gallery, London performance Cure for Control at Exposure, 2003
Chapter Visual Arts Cardiff Homage to the Heart at eXperimentica, 2003
Bluecoat Arts Centre Liverpool commission of performance Orphan, 2003
Bluecoat Arts Centre Liverpool exhibition of photographs and drawings, 2003

Liverpool Biennial 2002, Homage to the Heart
Brighton Festival 2002 screening of Skylark
The Place London screening of Skylark, 2002
NRLA Glasgow 2002, Homage to the Heart

CPR Conference London 2001 Grounded in Europe -Tanztheater and its Legacy, Homage to the Heart
Chisenhale Dance Space 2001 Conference Installing Dance - Placing Gesture, Homage to the Heart
Komedia Theatre Brighton Cabaret performances as Lady Clio at the
Voodoo Vaudeville Cabaret, monthly 2000 - 2002
BBC Dance 4 Camera 2000 Brighton conference, screening of November

Studiobühne Münster video installation-performance, Grossmutter, 1996
Diele Gallerie Friesland photographic exhibition, Bodd daföör, 1995



born 24th July 1971 in Leer/Germany
lived in Brighton/England between 1998 and 2010

in Germany 2010-2019

Brighton since September 2019



University of Brighton BA Hons in Dance and Visual Practice, 1998-2001
School of Art Münster Vor-Diplom in Fine art and performance, 1996-1998
Fachhochschule Münster Degree in Graphic Design/Visual Arts, 1991-1996


Scholarships Grants Prizes

Arts Council England Grant for research and development: performance, 2007

Arts Council England Grant for research and production: film and writing, 2006
Arts Council England Grants for research, development, marketing and production:
dance work and performance, 2004
Artsadmin Bursary Scheme for Research and Development: live art, 2004
DAAD German Scholarship to study performance at University of Brighton, 1999
Freudenthal Prize for New German Literature, Soltau 1997 and 2004
Aldegrever Gesellschaft Scholarship to study printmaking in Seguret, France 1994


Further training with:

Goat Island performance company, Brighton, Chicago
Marina Abramovic performer, Braunschweig, Germany
Sondra Fraleigh choreographer, writer, London, Brockport University, NY
Hilde Holger Austrian expressionistic choreographer, London
Kim Itoh choreographer, performer, Brighton, Japan
Tetsuro Fukuhara choreographer, performer, Brighton, Japan
Leo Rutherford trance dance teacher, shamanism, Monkton Wyld, Dorset
Prof. Liz Aggiss Divas, choreographer, performer, Brighton
Shelley Sacks artist, teacher, Oxford Brookes University
Angie Hiesl choreographer, performer, Cologne, Germany
Billy Cowie choreographer, composer, Brighton, England